Web Design: Visit Livingston, Montana

Web Design: Visit Livingston, Montana

Following up from last year’s blog post about our work with the Brand Livingston campaign (June 2013),  Engine 8 recently launched VisitLivingston.org. The new website is the keystone of the campaign’s comprehensive marketing effort dedicated to promoting tourism and bolstering the local economy in the Livingston, Montana area.

The dramatic technological shift in the last ten years has meant that smart phones and tablets have revolutionized the way consumers access information. Travelers now tap into the internet from almost any location, and more sophisticated search capabilities have enhanced the internet browsing experience to deliver pertinent information based on geographic location. Digital marketing has become extremely effective as a way to connect with travelers, and because digital advertising can be fine-tuned based on real time analytics, it is cost effective when working with relatively small marketing budgets. Engine 8 is pleased to have helped the campaign implement and up-to-date strategy geared towards online marketing.

A nice shot in the arm for Engine 8 came in a comment from Livingston, Montana’s City Manager, Ed Meece. Reflecting on the campaign, which is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between the City of Livingston, Park County, the Livingston Chamber of Commerce, the Livingston Business Improvement District, Vision Livingston, and the Big Sky Trust, he stated that it “demonstrates the commitment of Livingston’s business sector to create economic opportunity for the entire community. Job well done.” Engine 8 worked with the leaders from these separate entities to develop the campaign’s coherent branding and marketing strategy, and we’re pleased that our work is making a positive impact.

The VisitLivingston.org website is intended to attract visitors who will patronize local businesses, raise awareness of Livingston as a distinct destination, and develop regional tourism to strengthen Livingston’s economy throughout the year. The website design celebrates the people, the wild surroundings and the authenticity that makes Livingston special.

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