Top Mobile Apps For Business

Top Mobile Apps For Business

Smart phones have revolutionized how we work and play these days. At Engine 8 we’re always looking for the latest and greatest mobile apps to help make our business more productive. Here are a few of the best mobile apps at the top of our list:


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage solutions out there today. It allows you to not only share and store files in the cloud, it also allows you to easily sync and edit files. The Dropbox mobile app makes it easy to access and manage files from your Android, iOS, BlackBerry, or Kindle Fire.


Keep forgetting your passwords? Use the same password for all of your online accounts? You need 1Password. This password manager helps store and access passwords and gives you the option to generate random (much more secure) passwords. With the 1Password mobile app, you can securely log into any of your accounts using one master password.


The Evernote mobile app will help you get organized without being tied down to your desk. You can write quick notes, create to-do-lists, store photos, and set voice reminders. Evernote works on the Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


At Engine 8 we collaborate with clients and vendors all over the world, so online communication is essential. We’ve tried a wide range of collaboration tools and we’ve settled on Trello. Trello allows you to organize and manage projects, keep track of timelines, assign tasks, and communicate effortlessly online. The Trello mobile app makes it easy to keep track of projects while away from the office.


Start accepting credit card payments form anywhere with the Square mobile app and credit card reader. Square takes 2.75% per transaction without hidden fees or monthly subscriptions. Simply swipe your customer’s credit card and the money is transferred into your bank account. You can even text a photo of the purchased item with a receipt to your customer.