Logo Design: Bozeman Film Festival

Logo Design: Bozeman Film Festival

For indie film fans in Southwest Montana the Bozeman Film Festival (BFF) has been a cinematic beacon since the late seventies. Consistently delivering thought-provoking films and related programming, the BFF continues to be a cultural treasure to the Bozeman community.

Like all vibrant non-profit organizations, the BFF has had to evolve and adapt over the years to keep pace with technology and other changes. From the early days at the Ellen Theater to its current venue at the Emerson, the BFF screening locations may have changed but one thing has remained: a commitment to showing stellar, world-class films.

Bozeman Film Festival
The new BFF logo, designed by Engine 8, exemplifies the steadfast spirit of independent film in Montana. The mark is expressive in nature without being overly effusive. It’s casual with a touch of sophistication. Like most great movies (and logos for that matter), the logo design has a timeless quality, yet it’s contemporary. Furthermore, the new BFF brand identity is iconic — the camera symbol is instantly recognizable but also memorably distinct.

Thanks to Lisa McGrory and the rest of the Bozeman Film Festival board for the collaboration. And, as Bill Neff says, “keep ‘em flickering!”

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