Case Study: CHP Brand Identity

Community Health Partners (CHP) recently recruited Engine 8 to develop a new logo. With a reputation for an innovative approach to community-based healthcare, CHP was looking to evolve its old identity to better represent a dynamic, thriving non-profit. The old logo worked well when CHP started as a small clinic in Livingston, but CHP quickly outgrew its initial charter and has expanded services to include healthcare, dental services and education in Park and Gallatin counties.

Engine 8 worked closely with CHP staff to collaborate on a new logo direction. It was clear from the onset of the project that the new design needed to be “more than a traditional healthcare logo” to encompass CHP’s broad-based programming efforts. After gathering feedback from CHP, Engine 8 concentrated on key personality traits such as patient-centered care, quality, innovation, opportunity, partnering, accessibility, etc. By focusing the branding strategy around these core qualities, Engine 8 was able to develop a logo that symbolizes CHP’s overall philosophy rather than specific services. This game plan also gave Engine 8 the flexibility to create a more unconventional logo unique to CHP.