Case Study: Yellowstone Country Guardians

Yellowstone Country Guardians (YCG), a new place-based organization that strives to  bring a powerful voice of hope and inclusivity to the lands and communities of Yellowstone Country, employed Engine 8 to develop its brand identity and launch initial marketing materials. YCG Executive Director, Michael Leach came to Engine 8 with a passionate vision for the young, dynamic organization. Engine 8 collaborated with Michael to create a strong brand personality through the design of a logo, case statement, brochure and web site.

As a fledgling non-profit, YCG benefits form Michael Leach’s spirited leadership partnered with a well-built marketing foundation provided by Engine 8. Michael and his Board should be commended for dedicating energy and resources to building a strong initial brand in an effort to quickly launch YCG, elevating the organization out of the gate as a leader in environmental education, outreach and advocacy programs.

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