Brochure and T-shirt Design: River Guardian School

At Engine 8 we take pride in supporting several non-profit groups through donations and pro bono design services. One Montana non-profit we’re super excited about is Yellowstone Country Guardians (YCG). Under the dynamic leadership of Executive Director Michael Leach, YCG has become a invaluable resource for connecting teens to Yellowstone Park and inspiring a new brand of environmental stewardship rooted in community.

Engine 8 recently teamed with YCG to design marketing materials for YCG’s annual River Guardian Fly Fishing School to be held August 1st-5th. The five-day youth program gives teens an in-depth understanding of river ecology, fly fishing, hydrology and trout management. The 2010 River Guardian program was such a huge success, Michael and the YCG board realized it was time to harness that enthusiasm and spread the word.

YCG is known for its energetic, non-conventional programming and its fresh approach to environmental education that resonates with teens. Our job at Engine 8 was to communicate that youthful vigor in a way that would appeal to not only young people, but to sponsors and volunteers as well. We ended up developing an oversized postcard and t-shirt for the 2011 program. The postcards have already been distributed and are getting a lot of buzz. The tees should arrive by August 1st, just in time for River Guardian students to wear them as they cast away on the legendary Yellowstone River!

To learn more about YCG and the River Guardian program visit the website.

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