Brand Strategy: Elichai Fine Jewelry

Elichai Fowler, a remarkably talented jewelry designer, approached Engine 8 in 2011 to rebrand his business. At the time, Fowler was creating stunning custom jewelry for clients and operating a retail gallery in Livingston, Montana. Although customers were raving about the work and word of Fowler’s talent was spreading, he felt his company brand was holding him back. His company name, Paradise Ring Works, was too specific and didn’t properly reflect his long-term vision for the company. The old brand had served Fowler well, but it was time to reposition the company for future growth.

Engine 8 worked closely with Fowler to develop a new brand strategy that would be the catalyst for a dynamic new image for the company. To start, we researched the latest marketing trends in the luxury goods market. We also evaluated several high-end jewelers to better understand the competition. Our findings affirmed Fowler’s initial impulse to reinvent his company’s brand. If he was going to compete in the luxury marketplace, he had to do a better job of telling his unique story.

Elichai jewelryBased on Fowler’s personal dedication to his craft and his passion for creating fabulous custom jewelry, we decided to center the new brand around his first name, Elichai. Prior to any naming and identity design work, Engine 8 developed a brand strategy — a road map that would guide us through the rebranding process. The strategy illuminated several strengths and helped us pinpoint distinct brand personality traits. We charted a comprehensive eighteen-month course to roll out the new brand.

In late 2011 the new Elichai Fine Jewelry brand was unveiled at a grand reopening celebration. We had all of the core brand elements in place, including a new logo, stationery, web site, and retail displays. The relaunch was a resounding success, and customers have continued to respond positively to the new brand. Fowler and company now have a solid foundation to build a thriving brand and accommodate future growth as the business continues to flourish.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank Elichai, Amber, and the entire staff at Elichai Fine Jewelry for an uplifting collaborative experience. I’m always thrilled to work with business owners who combine raw talent, enthusiasm, and integrity to carry out a singular vision.

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