Brand Identity: Gil’s Goods

The Livingston, Montana food scene recently received a culinary spark with the opening of Gil’s Goods. Part nostalgic diner, part Euro-café, Gil’s blends local/sustainable practices and a comfy ambiance with downright good food.

The Engine 8 team collaborated with local chef and entrepreneur Brian Menges of 2nd Street Bistro and interior designer Gigi Aelbers to create a brand identity for Gil’s Goods. We knew the identity had to mesh with the overall concept and design of the new café. If you walk into Gil’s Goods, you get the sense it’s been in operation since the 1940s. The logo design needed to reflect this well-worn nostalgic feel — it had to be iconic and memorable while maintaining a relaxed tone.

For design inspiration, the Engine 8 creative team researched old farm implement emblems from the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s. We also looked at other rural American vernacular from that time period, such as feed bags, advertisements, posters, etc. By gleaning stylistic elements from these examples we were able to pay tribute to Livingston’s rural heritage while adhering to the overall brand strategy.

The final logo incorporates a distressed, turn-of-the-century typeface and a hand-drawn chicken silhouette. We intentionally applied a soft, weathered feel to both components to make them more inviting and friendly. The textural detail and simplicity of the mark makes it “durable” and easy to reproduce in various mediums.

Congratulations to Brian and his team for re-imagining the old Gil’s space and transforming it into an instant Livingston, Montana landmark. And thanks for working with Engine 8 to build the new Gil’s brand.

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