Case Study: Jumpin’ Trout Java

Jumpin’ Trout Java, a drive-through coffee business in Livingston, Montana, recently moved to 1621 West Park Street. The new location brings added convenience for customers and increased traffic to the business. The location may be new, but Jumpin’ Trout Java’s brand has remained consistent over the past four years.

Back in 2005, before the espresso machine was humming and the drive through was open, Engine 8 worked with Jumpin’ Trout to develop a consumer-friendly logo for the business. The core identity needed to reflect Jumpin’ Trout’s enthusiasm for great coffee and welcoming customer service. After collaborating with owner Kels Wheeler, Engine 8 created a logo that conveys a sense of urgency—an energetic trout jumping out of the letters “Jumpin’ Trout.” The implied motion is fitting for a business dedicated to quick, friendly service. On a practical level, the logo was designed to work in a variety of applications, both large (billboard above business) and small (stamped on coffee cups).

Engine 8 has helped establish, and continues to evolve, the Jumpin’ Trout Java brand over the years. A consistent visual language has been developed so that all marketing efforts work in tandem to build a sustainable brand. Using the logo as a foundation, Engine 8 has designed various print ads, direct mail, in-store promos and signage for Jumpin’ Trout.